In Good Company: The Church as Polis (1997)

In Good Company: The Church As Polis

"I don't know of another American theologian who can have you laughing out loud while at the same tin you're licking the wounds he has inflicted. It is not Hauerwas's criticism that is the dominant note in this work, but his notion of church as living community, called -- and called to account -- by Christ. That then informs and braces every selection in this lively collection, and gives the reader the sort of workover one doesn't experience often enough when reading contemporary theology". -- Patrick Jordan, Commonw With this new collection of essays, celebrated theologian Stanley Hauerwas attempts to foment a modest revolution by forcing Christians to take themselves more serious as Christians and to recognize the unifying beliefs and practices characteristic of their faith -- a faith that makes them a political entity apart from the re of the world. By exposing a different account of politics -- the church polis and "counter-story" to the world's politics -- Hauerwas helps Christians see that in fact God has given them the mean to escape the destructive practices of the world by placing them "in good company" with one another, Catholic and Protestant alike.
  • Keeping Company, by Gilbert Meilaender. First Things 66 (October 1996): 51-5.